Published on November 19, 2003 By sw197wl In Misc
Another poem

Ode to the Strip Club

The beauty of art, the beauty of life comes in many forms
Some find beauty in a warms summer day
Others stare out their windows at new fallen snow
Raphel, Da Vinci, Picasso
These men were craftsman builders of the hopes and dreams
upon with beautiful things lie.
The world is turning into an ugly place
Wars, fights, racisim, murder
Greed and power are what people crave
They have forgotten all about the beauty
The art
the Passion
Convervatives will yell and holler saying
Do not go into that place of sin, of sex and lust
Yet if the great thinkers of the art world were still with us
would they not go to a similar place?
The beauty of the female body in motion
A tribute to the feminine goddesses of old
Venus, Aphrodite, Mother earth
The art of the dance
The passion of the performance
Yes, purists may have the museum
I however have the strip club

on Mar 26, 2004
As long as it's not your own daughter riding the pole in public, eh?
on Mar 26, 2004
Interesting poem. I noticed your name getting in the top ten during my absence and thought I'd check you out.
on Apr 21, 2004
gorgeous. mother earth with pre-raphaelite auburn curls encircling a strip pole as salvation for the jaded urban soul. i love everything about your idea ... i adored that !. thankyou. mig.