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November 19, 2003 by sw197wl
Another poem

Ode to the Strip Club

The beauty of art, the beauty of life comes in many forms
Some find beauty in a warms summer day
Others stare out their windows at new fallen snow
Raphel, Da Vinci, Picasso
These men were craftsman builders of the hopes and dreams
upon with beautiful things lie.
The world is turning into an ugly place
Wars, fights, racisim, murder
Greed and power are what people crave
They have forgotten all about the beauty
The art
the Passion
Convervatives w...
November 19, 2003 by sw197wl
A quick Poem I wrote a while back.

Money, Greed, Power
Make this country sour
America's going to waste
The government a disgrace
Paranoia Begins
Another terrorist wins
A revolution on the rise
see the fear in our eyes
Empires eventually fall
History shows us this
And the way this countrys going
We'll be the next one on that list.
November 19, 2003 by sw197wl
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